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My First Diorama...


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Thanks for all the comments folks, glad you guys liked it!


Actually making something like this changes your perspective on cakes. I used to think cake was a flavor thing, but I had little desire to eat this thing after we were done with it. Plus, there was lots of "left-overs" (edges and cake that was removed to make the steps), so by the time we ate that, cake quota was thoroughly met.


The other thing is, this cake was pretty moist and fluffy, and by day 3 was sagging alot under Qbert and Snakey - I'd say next time we'll go for a denser (and probably less tasty) but with more structural rigidity.


As for next up, we'd been kicking around both frogger and DK. But I've been pushing to make a scale GH controller. Any other great ideas from you folks?

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