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Iks, Overlord Wight


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Hello all! It's been a couple of years since I've posted any of my painted Reaper minis on the forum here, though I've never really stopped lurking and admiring the work of others. Anyhow, between moving all over the country and whatnot, my painting output has been pathetic. Now that Warlord 2nd Edition is released, however, I've decided that my primer Overlords from 2004/2005 are *finally* due a coat of paint. Even if,*gasp*, they don't get my usual 20+ hours apiece. They've even won a tournament... and the only painted fig was a (exquisite) bondslave! This type of neglect is why I don't bother with having children ;). I tried a lot of new-to-me techniques with this figurine. It's the first time I've attempted NMM "black" armor, it's the second time I've attempted NMM at all, it's the first time I've attempted to paint gems in the appropriate manner, it's the first time I've ever worked with green stuff (details sculpted on the base), and it's the first time I've used a wet palette. I'm very pleased with the overall results and feel like I've given my rusty skills a significant polishing in the process. I realize from the large photos that not all of my transitions were perfectly smooth, and some of my NMM highlights are a bit misplaced, but these things always look better in real (miniature) life than under the microscope. I greatly look forward to your comments and feedback! Thanks! ~Tenebrien


Actual Size Front and Back








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Firstly, Welcome back!

Secondly, that's a beaut! I especially like your giving us the "actual size" images. I so often times forget that the mini isn't really meant to be scrutinized so closely that you could sniff the paint right off the mini ::): .

I agree with demonelf3, your treatment really makes him pop and I bet he looks fantastic on the table. Love the black NMM.

So...we should be seeing much more soon right?


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Well, thanks everyone... a good dose of encouragement goes a long way ;) . I'm sure that I'll start another piece this weekend. Will I finish this weekend.............. ? I may also have a couple older ones that I painted to my (then) best standard a few years ago, but that could be brought up to a higher standard and "finished" in a fairly short time frame... just for comparison's sake between now and then (and a little instant gratification). The only problem is that I have a lot of demands on my time at the moment (don't we all....). I just finished driving ~3000 miles from my home in Savannah, GA to my family's residence in Missoula, MT... and I've got to convert all of my musical instruments to liquid assets (cash), visit all my friends, and get my bags packed and ready to move with my wife to Amsterdam, NL by the first week in October (!!!). I'm taking a good portion of my painting stuff, though!!! I'd rather go light on clothing than leave my entire Reaper MSP and W&N Series 7 brush collection behind... I spent a good many months dieting on ramen over the years to collect them.


But enough of my whole life story (..Zzzzzzz). The paint recipes for the NMM all came from these forums. The wet palette, as I'm sure most of you are well ahead me in this, was amazing and I shant paint again without one. Also, I watched a DVD series of painting videos by French miniature painting master Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (www.jeremiebt.com) that have given me a lot of insight, but will certainly take some practice to really use effectively. I highly recommend them as another tool in your arsenal (wow, there are some really great resources these days... I wish they were around when I started 15 years ago). I have to say... I'm so glad to not be painting in 115 Degree F weather (including heat index) with 98% humidity like I was in Savannah, GA in August (I had AC, but it was still miserable). I started this Iks while I was still there and finished him in cool, arid MT the following week. The humidity played havoc with my techniques since I'm not used to it... it invalidated my "gunk" formula and royally messed with my wet blending.


The other (good?) news is that, amongst all the things I'm selling, I've offloaded my ridiculously awesome gaming computer for a decent chunk of change and doubt I'll be buying another soon... so that's a *great* wealth of PC gaming time that will now be available for painting, which I've always guiltfully found to be a hobby much more worthy of my undivided attention. My only problem now is that I don't think I really know the meaning of "speed painting" or "tabletop quality", and I often find myself neurotically intimidated at the thought of putting paint on an awesome Reaper sculpt in the grave fear that "it doesn't look wicked when I'm finished."


Anyhow... my copy of Warlord 2nd Ed. is on the way to my current locale and I'm going to be geared up to play at least one game before I skip the country, so I'll keep you all up to date with my painting progress.




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