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Silas, Cleric, 65045, Mini Exchange for Outkast Samurai


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Hey, my second mini posted in over n years ::D:

True to form, this is another Exchange Mini, proving nothing gets done around my place unless a deadline is looming (but then, I can still manage to miss the deadline :blink: ).


This was Silas the Cleric, painted up for Outkast Samurai for the last Mini Exchange (smoothly run by Cerebro1974). He's a P-65 version, my first from that series. Nothing different in preparation or procedures, but he was cheaper.


Slight modifications include shaving off the mini's chest decoration and replacing that with a disc of GS. I then lifted OutKast Samurai's icon for the disc. I also repo'd his left arm so it looks like it's resting on that huge book at his belt. His previous pose made him look incredibly flat. I just bent it s-l-o-o-w-l-y.


Painting was pretty straight forward. OutKast Samurai has received him safe and sound so I thought I'd throw him up for comments, crits, and condemnations. OS is also having pix taken and I'm hoping that they'll be much better, so the images may very well be updated (I can't wait).


Thanks for looking and I look forward to all your comments and suggestions!








Oh, and he's up for votes, if you feel the urge :blush:

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Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

Valloa and Prophet, yeah I had fun trying to reproduce that icon. There was a lot of back and forth with that design, constantly correcting with the blue.

Thanks Darius, I've been playing with the suntan triad lately, with really light washes of blue for the 5-oclock shadow and a bit of red on the cheeks and nose to liven things up a bit.

Demonelf3, thanks for your comments. I can definitely see areas that need a lot more contrast, and strengthening edges would help that. My NMM is a hit and miss thing still, unfortunately.

Froggy, I guess the tilt in his head does give him that stunned look ::D: . I was trying to work that into a look of exhaustion or ... even was toying with having him stand at a grave site, doing something contemplative...his stance just reads "tired" to me.

Beo, Brunuwald, and Anne, I'm glad you like the face. I really spent the most time on the face (and the icon ::): ). I will say that the sculpt of the face is really nice and makes the painting that much more enjoyable.

Thanks again everyone!


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Wow, that face! It just screams, "I really could use a loooong nap".


That is what I was getting ready to post, before I read:

I was trying to work that into a look of exhaustion or ... even was toying with having him stand at a grave site, doing something contemplative...his stance just reads "tired" to me.

So - mission accomplished, then. Very nice work!


The whole thing looks great, but that face is outstanding, not that this hasn't been said already.



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