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Heritage mini Uruk hai orc


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Here is the latest off the table. A coworker found this little guy in his garage and gave a set of them to me. I did some research and found out this was cast in 1978 and is a Heritage mini (originally cast under "Elan Merch" name). They were originally made from the LoTR cartoon movie that came out at the same time. I believe he is an Uruk hai orc. I tried to reference the orcs from the movie, but the producer decided to make them black shadows with glowing red eyes and white teeth. I did the best I could to add some life to this 25mm sculpt! The OSL around the eyes, weathering on the metals, freehand woodgrain and stitching on tunic, and a new, larger base were all done to bring this guy into the new century ::):. I figured he deserved it after 30 years in a shoebox.


Thanks to everyone that followed along in the WIP section and provided critiques and encouragement--I really appreciate it. There is also a rather lively discussion of the inherent value (or lack thereof) of the movie itself, ::D: .


As always, comments and critiques are welcome.



These are a bit smaller than Reaper models:



And the obligatory linky if you are the voting type:


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That's a beauty! I'm sad I didn't check in on the WiP at least a few times; I'll have to go back and check out some of the process.


I really love those eyes. You managed to capture the look of the cartoovie (Movtoon?) without sacrificing the detail of the mini, which is pretty impressive. And your rust-work leaves me in awe.


And speaking of awesome, I don't think I've seen that Jolie before. She's much prettier than the Uruk (and well painted, to boot)!

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Wow! It's amazing how much pop-tivity you got out of one of those old sculpts. I think the eyes might be my favourite part. They're just sooooo glowy. It's a shame you can't do up about ten-thousand more to go with him. He looks lonely :'( and I suspect Jolie won't give him the time of day.


Serously though, your work is always amazing..especially on the beefcakes. :wub:

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