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New England Paint Day Sep '09

Dilvish the Deliverer

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Ok, this is pretty much my pilot flight into Warlord 2 (500 points). This is my battle report:




Vil-hatarns starting position



My starting postition. Funny Doug seemed to be nervous. Not sure why....



2 quick arrows to my griffon..(ach)



Dwarves closing in.....



First base to base contact! Elves are going to pay hurting me...



No, they are not.

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Only 8 from the boards, Craig doesn't have a Reaper Miniatures forum ID. We'll turn him into a Reaper-ite yet.


Damn that Fuzzy Craig! Making a liar of me! I'll get him!!! ::D:

Next time I see him I'll tell him to get over her and register, or he will be forever known as "Fuzzy Craig, the Ball-fondler"....



And yes, his daughter is cute. My wife and I get to baby-sit now and then. ::D:

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OK, ok, ok..... Registered now..........


And for the record, the "Fuzzy" nickname came from Helltown when we were in college. She was "Trouble" and I was "Tomer the fuzzy elf", don't remember the hows or whys... other than I was a huge Nightcrawler fan.


Looks as if I'm actually gonna have to paint up some of my reaper stuff now (if I can find it......, too many minis not enough space to organize. Guess I'm gonn aneed to work on my work room soon.)

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