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Who's Playing Whom?



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  1. 1. Which Faction do you usually play?

    • Adon
    • Malvernis
    • Rach
    • Ritterlich
    • Templars
    • Terrans
    • Independents

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I really like the Rach/Terran story and I really like both Rach and Terran models. My son chose Rach, so that left Terran for me. Now I have all the Terran Models I really need, i might start working on another force of some sort; I'm not sure what though. I'm kind of itching to paint an Enperor and some Dictators, so I'll probably go Rach (especially now that he has an Adon and a Ritterlich force).



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Myself, I am an Artillery fan. . . never enough.   Also the Terrans are crazy enough to touch off a weapon even when they suspected it would torch the planet... you know the old saying, "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."  A winning attitude?!?!

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