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Dawn of War 2 sucks


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Bad because of Steam--it takes a long time to start a game and you need to make a Live account too.


Bad because there is no skirmish option--it's all online skirmishing vs. other people or campaign mode. Not like DoW1.


Maybe once I finish the campaign it will open up the skirmish option. They should have lifted the interface from DoW 1.


On the bright side, there is no resource management or building so it's all squad composition and tactics.


Leveling up squad leaders and getting treasure (wargear) drops is neat.


At $40 it induces buyer's remorse, but when it drops to $20 I'd probably recommend it for 40k fans.

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Is there a way to play skirmish games vs. the computer without going through Steam online?

Did you actually buy a game off of Steam w/out knowing how it works? Every game they sell connects to the Steam service on start up. That's their copy-protection.


I've bought a few games from them and I can't say that the log-in time to hit Steam has ever been so much that it bothers me. I don't think its ever been more than 10 seconds and its usually only 3-5. That said, if for whatever reason you're waiting a lot longer you could try unplugging your network cable (or disabling your network connection). When I play games on my laptop w/the net connection off, I just get a message saying it can't connect to Steam and then the game plays normally. Don't know for sure that will work for DoW2, but it works for Puzzle Quest.

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That's a good tip--Thanks. I bought it retail in a box. This is my first (and final) encounter with Steam.


Rant on: In addition to having to logon to play a game on my PC, there's the issue of some company tracking how often I play. It's none of their damn business. I feel sorry for younger generations who shrug off invasions of privacy disguised as promotions. What the hell are those Achievements worth anyway? Nothing. H.G. Wells predicted this--Eloi gamers. It's the end of the world.

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