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As Classic As They Come


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This is Dark Sword Miniatures' Night's Watch Archer. I painted him to serve as the gaming mini for a friend of mine, so he's classic ranger all the way. Instead of playing with the color palettes here, I aimed for pushing up my skills to make him stand out through the quality of the paint job. I hope I've succeeded. I think, at least, that he's one of my personal best.


Here you can see him painted with the Night's Watch scheme.


And here is the CMON link, if you want to vote for my "Classic Ranger" version.



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Thank you, everyone, for the kind words.


Very nice paint job, but the sculpt just makes him look odd and somewhat stereotypical of elves.

This figure will be used for tabletop gaming as an elf character, but sculpt is actually a human.


Dark Sword Minis are sculpted to have more realistic proportions than your typical fantasy figures (e.g. Reaper), which tend to have somewhat exaggerated features, especially the face and hands. You're probably just not used to seeing that, and I admit he looks odd on my shelf next to all my other minis, but standing alone he actually looks right.

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