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Finally, Vamps vs Crusaders


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I don't think you can use burst of speed to get into b2b. You need to use a charge action to get into b2b and burst of speed allows you to make a free move action. That would require you to then use a charge action to finish getting in to b2b eliminating your chance to focus. I could be wrong however, it happens now and again. :unsure:



This is correct. Burst of Speed only gives a Move Action. Move Action specifically says it cannot be used to come into B2B contact. ::):


That doesn't seem right. If they get a free action to move and can move 5", they cant move and stand next to someone 1" away. Seems like one of the things we should of changed before the book came out. <_<

Everything was intentional. Nothing about this should have been changed.

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I like how every action now has a very specific job. You don't take two Move actions. You can't. You take a Move, then a Run. I got tripped up once or twice before unlearning the old ways. It makes more sense now because there are no expections tot he rule "You can't repeat an action."

And what, pray tell, does this have to do with my Vampires? I am disappointed.

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