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Copplestone Barbarian


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Found another picture of an inked figure that should clear up the face perspective:




***edit*** perhaps some more woad like freehand? It took a few looks at the picture to catch that the eyes had woad/warpaint... (that is I had the same problem Whiz had until I found the figure out on the interweb)

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Yeah, I agree on the blade, it needs better blending, I will try to work on it some more, I was so worried about highlighting in the right spots I didn't spend enough time blending.


This mini is kind of a wierd sculpt. I chose it because it looked the easiest of the barbarians and I have not painted for a while, but the anatomy on the chest/neck seems off. His face is facing up and to the side and his hair covers most of his eyes, so that is why it looks so wierd in the picture.


The base is just a micro-art pre sculpted base, so I can not take any credit for that. I have gotten lazy on bases and been buying more and more presculpted ones.


I prolly will add some more woad to the model as well, I decided to give them woad just to add some color to the models, otherwise they will get pretty blah once I have units painted up.


I have always liked these sculpts and had not painted them since the 80's so it is fun to paint them again.

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