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October '09-January '10 Miniature Exchange


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ok, first things first. you know in your head that every time you spray you varnish you should spray on a test piece first?

to make sure nothing goes wrong? but yet we have inner trust so sometimes you just point and spray? well that bad time happened, spray came out all cloudy and lumpy on one half before i stopped. so had to get fine cotton swabs , dipped in natural spirits, then gently try and remove the varnish. once you see colour on your tip, you are hitting the paint level. so did that, tried to touch up the details again, came out pretty ok. so long story short , got it posted today, person will have it in hands friday. whooo. that was hard.

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Well, I've been trying to edit my original post to reflect the status updates, but I keep getting IPS errors, so here's the updates:


1. BlueWeasel - done, shipped

2. warlordgarou - done, shipped

3. Humansquish - still working

4. Sanael - done

5. Stink - done, shipped

6. Amalor Myrnnyk - done, shipped

7. cutebutpsycho - done, shipped

8. kazmania7 - done

9. Diamond Shark - done, shipped

10. Lastman - still working

11. JimL - done, shipped

12. herzogbrian - done, shipped

13. dargrin - done, shipped

14. Outkast Samurai - done

15. Froggy the Great - done, shipped

16. Lawgiver - done

17. Heisler - done, shipped

18. Wizard Hlavaz - still working

19. sethohman - done, shipped

20. Stubbdog - done, shipped

21. Prophet - done, shipped

22. awong - done, shipped

23. Jabberwocky - done, shipped

24. Anastrianna - done, shipped

25. me! - still working


If your status is something other than list, let me know, and I'll change it.



(edited 2/11/10 @ 9:30pm)

Edited by Shakandara
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