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DHL 3139, Shaelin


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Since CBP's received her, I'll go ahead and post this up. She was a lot of fun to paint, even if some of the freehand was more frustrating than it needed to be; don't let anyone tell you straight lines are easy! :rolleyes:


As always, C&C are appreciated.



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And thanks to the rest of you for your comments. WH, the addability of detail is one of the things I enjoyed about painting this one--she's great for trying out freehand!


Thanks for that compliment. When I sculpted her, I knew that I would want to paint a lot of freehand on her, so I kept the forms pretty simple.


Good use of a red-yellow-blue color combination, with the freehand to tie it together. Lines are tough, especially lines-within lines like you did on the bottom of the cloak, but yours look very good.


The lighting seems harsh, so your efforts in shading and highlighting are getting overwhelmed by the real lights and shadows. You're obviously taking time to manipulate the photo (putting in the gradient background), but make sure that the original photo is as good as you can get. Are you using more than one light? Are you diffusing the light at all? You can see some of my musings on lighting and camera settings in some "Shutterbug" forum posts, such as this one:


And this is a photo of my lighting setup:




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Derek, you're absolutely welcome for the compliment; I definitely intended it as such. I know I've said it before about your sculpts, but their balance between simple/detail is why I own so many of them...now I just have to paint them!


As for the photos...I actually have a light tent that I usually use for my mini photos, but this one I snapped off a few shots just before packing her off to CBP. I do appreciate the advice, though--one thing I keep meaning to do is make a little color card like the one in the corner of your backdrop!

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