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Trying to break b2b twice

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Ok then , so to perform a "Charge" action you must fulfill all requirements to move . Does this mean you still have to pass a Dis check to charge away from a model in B2B ? :wacko::unsure:

Yes, you need to make a DIS check for any type of breaking away.

Good! :poke:

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Run actions cannot be used to break from B2B, so that is not an option.


OK, I am sitting here with the rules on page 30. It states that a Run Action is resolved exactly like a normal Move Action and only requires that you have performed a Move Action before you can Run. I don't see anything that states that you cannot RUN AWAY from B2B in the leaving B2B section on the same page.


I know you wrote these rules, but I don't see anything written that says you can't Run when it implies that you can in the last paragraph on p30!

In order to run, you have to have moved. Run says it is intended to allow the model to spend the whole activation moving. Failing a break away means you didn't move. Also, Run says you need to have "performed" a Move Action. The failed break away says the Move Action is lost.


I admit this could have been written so there could be no confusion. However, the word "run", plus the language of "spend your entire activation moving", clearly implies that it cannot be used when you haven't moved yet.


I see. The confusion comes with the word movement in the 1st sentance, 5th paragraph, lefthand column on p30. It should read MOVE ACTION instead. So the movement is not lost as implied by the text, but the action itself. So a failed DIS check keeps you from performing your declared Move Action.


As for the clear implications from the Run taxt, I would beg to differ. As there is NO REQUIREMENT to move to your full movement rate only a maximum allowed, you could move a few nm or perform a move 0" and then run fully the next action. Why you might want to do that I am not certain, just that you could.

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