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October 2009 to January 2010 Mini Exchange

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Since Shakandara's 25 person exchange filled up in less than 24 hours, and several people missed it, this is a second exchange. Same rules, same format, all used with his expressed permission. This is just a way to offer more people a chance to participate in an exchange. Blatant copy/paste follows (thanks, Shak!):


If you would like to participate, send me a PM with the following info:

Your Name

Your Address

Whether or not you are willing to ship to a foreign country

(Optional) Your Phone Number

(Optional) What you prefer to paint

(Optional) What you prefer to recieve


I'll post a list of the names of participants once I've received your PM. Assignments will be given out no later than Oct. 1 (and probably sooner), and you will have until January 31st, 2010, to complete and ship your exchange. I'm giving us the extra month to get us through the holidays when painting time will likely be at a premium for most. I will try to accommodate all requests to the best of my ability. Bear in mind that this is a Reaper miniature exchange; you may convert, modify, etc. to your heart's content, but please start with a Reaper figure as the basis for your exchange. You are expected to choose a standard (read: human-ish sized) figure, but if you want to be generous and paint something larger, no one is going to stop you.


And now for the unpleasant part: please do not participate if you feel that you will not finish your miniature within a reasonable time frame. I understand that sometimes exchanges end up being late, but let's make our goal that everyone receives their exhange by the due date. If you are running late, please either post so in this thread or PM me. For any reason should someone fail to deliver on their assignment, I will see to it that the shafted recipient receives a painted mini. Know that if you fail to deliver as promised, I will publicly shame you on the forums.


With that said, let's have a great exchange! If you've got any questions, PM me or ask here.


EDIT: The list so far - (GREEN = participant has received)


  1. primeval
  2. feanor
  3. John Lee
  4. Bigs
  5. Inarah
  6. Nissiana
  7. Ol'Timer
  8. gwangi32
  9. Ishil
  10. Lyn
  11. demonelf3
  12. joe_b
  13. KatieG
  14. Prophet
  15. cutebutpsycho
  16. Amalor Myrnnyx
  17. Fremen
  18. me!


- Dave -

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Great response, so far! You're welcome, I'm just glad to help and participate. Tell your friends and let's fill this list up.

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Slipping out of lurk mode to sign up for this one--I'll have painting time again here in just a few weeks once the summer theater season wraps up :B):

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