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Halloween '09 Contest


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Top Posters In This Topic

My take on a timeless classic and my favorite Halloween phrase, " I got a rock."!


Miniature used: 14150: Grave Horror, Necropolis Monster

Pumpkins and ghost made from green stuff,jewelry chain, pumpkin shaped wood base with grass and sand flock.



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Rotpatch and Pumpkin Horrors.

(i laughed when i saw them and had to get them, also got some snowmen horrors laying round incase of a christmas comp?)




The horrors are 3cm high and the golem is 6cm high incase people wonder.

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I call my piece "Taking candy from a baby"




The sewer drain is made from hirst arts blocks and some putty.

The tentacles should be recognizable from the Reaper monster parts and tentacle pack.

The leaves were punched from paper using a scrapbooking punch.

Greenery is by woodland scenics and my tea habit.

The sucker is a painted sewing pin.

The wrapped candy is painted green stuff.

The hat was sculpted from sculpey.




Sorry for the glare on the photos.


My thanks to my lovely wife for putting up with me.

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My but Rotpatch is popular this year!


The raised furrows in the base are made from Milliput, the Pumpkins themselves from Brown Stuff, and the Vines and Leaves from Green Stuff. I had a blast painting up this model and basing it - and discovered just how great Reaper Red Ink works as a blood substitute :D


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