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Halloween '09 Contest


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This is my little Halloween entry named.



Sophies scary Tales:



When darkness falls

and pale moon rise

Sophie tells us trues or lies?


about Monsters Pumpkins creepy creatures

She brows a soap with deadly features


“Listen careful little fool

This Ghost will coming next for you”


Her tale ends with an evil Scream!

Happy Happy Halloween!









I wish u all a Spooky Halloween ;-)




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Hey everybody! Here's my entry for the Halloween '09 Paint Contest.



A popular mini for this year's competition, Elise the Witch, Reaper Mini 02869. It's no wonder it's popular, as it's a beautiful sculpt! I hope that my paintjob does it justice.



And, here's a second pic, with a zoom of the facial detail, allowing to show the expression of the 2nd character in this great sculpt, the jack-o-lantern that Elise is perched upon...


Posted with a bit of time to spare! ;-D

Happy Halloween!

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