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My latest pieces that I have done for commissions


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Hey guys!

New pieces that I just finished. Thought I would let my good forum peeps have a "look-see" lol

Bear in mind these are not full fledged display painted because my friends are using them in Warlord gaming.

-The Moor Hound was painted for my friend Josh. He basically said "don't care what color as long as he looks evil" ::D: I basically painted it after I finished watching "Underworld" :lol: hence the end result. The shadows in this piece is actually a little darker than you see in the pic, but you get the general idea. ::):

you can vote for Mr. Moor Hound here:



Urban Legend Sophie is a 72mm fig that was painted for my friend Gregg. He is using her in his Elf Warlord army as a proxy for a dragon. He requested that she be painted with his army colors which are gold, emerald green, and dark blue. The coolest part, is that he wanted her makeup, skin and hair to look like prince Nuala ( I think that's his name) from Hellboy 2. I thought that was a cool challenge and thanks to a lil help from my buddy, cutebutpsycho with picking colors for the skin tone, it came out great! Of course because the skin tone is so light, it is very hard to see the painted highlights on her skin in the picture.

Needless to say, Gregg was totally thrilled! ::D:

You may also vote for Miss Sophie here:





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I can see some of the highlighting on Sophie's, think it looks good. And I love the moorhound! What color recipe did you use for it?



for the moor hound colors


basecoat- 2 drops midnight blue, 1 drop nightshade purple


badab black wash mixed with azuremen blue wash


as I highlighted up, I used midnight blue, twilight blue and put "weathered stone" into the mix, but I honestly do not remember the color ratio.



at the end, I mixed blue and grey liner to fill in the shadowing so that the muscles stand out more.

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