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Perhaps this whole concept of having a reserve is most closely translated into Warlord by having a low initiative card count.


A high initiative card count means that you're operating on the offensive - making decisions about what goes where before your opponent (typically). Having a low number of cards means you may get an early troop movement, but more often than not you're going towards the end of the turn and you get to react.


So it's not like you're committing a portion of your army, seeing how it goes, and then reinforcing as needed - it's more like you get a moment to see how you'll react. By the way this all happens in turn 1 and perhaps the beginning of turn 2.



This could also be the product of my weirdness which has come to the conclusion that having a low number of troops is actually an advantage... Some day I plan on constructing an army that favors high initiative, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

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