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Rabbit, squirrel, upland. Pretty much anything a small game license gets me. I'm using a 20 gauge


ok, either one will work, their howls confuse the animals


we had a bassett hound, sweet girl, but once she got on the trail of somethign it was hard to get her back, so you will need a secure yard. Beagles from what I have seen are more high strung. I never hunted with the hound, she was strictly a pet (and I was a child at the time)


I hunt quail now, and I have a Brittany Spaniel, which has been really good at doing his job, but he also makes a great companion

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Beagle wins in my opinion.


For rabbit hunting, nothing beats them. But, you need to understand how a beagle tracks and how rabbits run. Beagles chase animals not for the catch so much but for the chase. Rabbits tend to run from cover (brush piles, thick grass, ect) to cover and generally in large circles. The best bet when hunting rabbits is let your dogs range in front by 10-20 yards, well trained dogs know what and where to look. Once your dog begins to chase, get within 20 yards or so of where he started and stand still. 80% of the time the rabbit will circle back to it's own trail in order to throw the dog off the scent by crisscrossing it's own trail.


Bassets are a generally slower breed, so using them for rabbits doesn't work real well.


But, any breed of hound can work, it takes a good owner to make a great hunting dog.


I grew up on a farm where we had anywhere from 3-12 working beagles at a time, so i may be a bit biased.

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