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Base size for DHL models

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Okay, I've been painting all these models, and now I'd like to play the game, but I am wondering about basing DHL models for Warlord. Specifically, models like the Bugbears and Gnolls that don't really fit on the standard bases without having their toes hanging over the edges, etc. These models were not specifically made to fit these bases, unlike WL models, so what do we do? What is the Official rule, that is? I really like the idea of using these races as cannon fodder for the Reven forces. Oh, and I'm talking about the ones that are listed in the Army Builder area of this site and thus hav set stats.

Thanks, Wesley

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Apologies for the threadnomancy -> A few things I do:


Snips (railroad tie snips I believe they are called) to crop a base down to fit within a 1" battle base. (doesn't work with all minis)


Snips to entirely remove the integral base & then do a quick cork base that gives you that little extra bit you need (I've yet to be un-successful with this, but it's got aesthetic pros & cons)


Snips to entirely remove the integral base & then creative bending to close the distance (doesn't work with all minis)


By Snips I mean some sort of hobby snip that easily cuts through several mm of metal. Xuron is the brand a good buddy recommended and they work well for me. There could easily be other brands, I'm just not aware of which are comparable and "cuts easily" is subjective, so consider doing a bit o research if you go that way.

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