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Siege Battle

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We had a siege battle at the FLGS on 10/3. We had six players, Reven attacking Dwarves, with 3000 points per side. We used the walls and gatehouse Sergei built a few years back. We started around 1:00 p.m. and called it just after 6:00 p.m. From when we played it before, I thought the balance would be about right. It ended up with the Dwarves realling giving the Reven grief. The Reven had four siege towers and a battering ram, plus siege ladders for anyone foolish enough to use them. The battering ram made it quickly to the gate, but then rolled horribly and did little damage. Meanwhile, the Dwarves on top of the gatehouse poured down serious grief upon the Ogres and Goblins below. The Reven in the seige tower made valiant effort, but a tactical mistake put two storming parties at a serious disadvantage. We finally called the game once it was clear that the Reven, while still game and capable of doing damage, had little hope to clear the walls. The Dwarven fortress is weakened, but it has held.......for now!


I can't figure out how to post pictures here, so here is a link to some I posted on Voidgamers.



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Great stuff there!! Sounds like it was a blast and looked like fun was had by all. Only thing..the pics are soo small. Even when you click the direct pic link. What were your rules for the walls? I am also working on a siege scenario. I doubt it will have all the bells and whistles you guys use but hopefully it should be fun.

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