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October Roll Call

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My project attention span has been horrible lately, so not trying to be ambitious:


Must finish:


- CAV Thug. Seriously. If this doesn't get finished this month, it may never. It's mocking me.


Probably won't finish:


- 11 assorted 6mm Dark Realm human vehicles. This will finish up the bulk of my PAX armor, then I can move on to the infantry.

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Nef - 3 awakened - done!

Nef - 2 devourers - done!

Nef - Tariq - done!

Nef - 4 tomb guards - done!

Nef - Nakhti - done!

Nef - giant scorpion

Crusaders - Sir Malcom - done!

Crusaders - 2 ivy crown archers


The giant scorpion is being fielded with just a base coat, which shames me greatly. And, of course, I forgot Tariq at home so he's being proxied by a die. ~sigh~


If I don't add the minis that I completely forgot I prepped then I might actually make this month's goals.

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3rd fast paint is based, just needs sealing!

3 Commissions done and returned to commissioner


Things to do:

Finish another fast paint

- based and skin is basecoated

I have started Lord Ironraven for my Crusaders and hope to have him done this month.

Finish sculpting bits and paint trophies

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uhhhhhh yah


I haven't done squat the last few months. I haven't really even picked up a mini, other then a couple of online orders I did last month.


With the weather turning colder thou I'll probably be switching the models for minis (hopefully). I'm close to completing a couple + I have one lined up for a model forum I'm part of before I put those away.

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  • 02681: Tolzar, Cleric
  • Jolie, Scribe

  • Old mini from the hubby's collection
  • 14459: Couatl


I seem to be moving along slowly this month, lol. I have to get the old mini done by Friday! Here's hopin!! :)


[EDIT:] Painted up the Older mini and finished it tonight!! Maybe I just might get everything finished afterall!

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Grrr...long couple of weeks wih no real time to paint...but, here goes. This is going to be an interesting challenge to get all this done.


-Halloween contest entry: Basecoated, metallics done, first round of highlights done. Need to get the lead out if I'm gonna finish this in time!


-Numa: no real change; I've put another glaze or two down on his skin, not enough to add to the WiP thread, though.


-Candy: Basecoat done on her clothes. I'm also pretty happy with her eyes--they actually have color! She's almost done.


-Veronica Blaze: Finally picked her up from the FLGS (they ordered her for me weeks ago!). Had a little time to chop pewter away from her...discovered her neck is very thin, so I'll be pinning that. Lots of greenstuffing to do with her, but that can wait.


Unchanged from last post:

-Ferrari (Snowboard) Sophie.

-Paraway Ambercane.

-Exchange mini.


-Shadow Dragon.

-Cave Troll Diorama.

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Had a full day to sit down and paint (and do laundry, etc., but I didn't have to go out at all)!


So, of course, I was plagued with problems. It was 35 degrees last week, so the landlord turned on the building's furnace. It's 65 outside today, so with the furnace still on, it's 90 at my paint table. Joy! Not only does this not help my mild cold, it also makes the atmosphere dry enough that the CO folks might consider sympathising with my quick-dry palette. Combined with my desire to throw my WNS7 1 across the room (only a few months old and it has an irreparable split in the bristles), this means I've not done nearly as much with my full day as I'd like. but...


-Numa: Skin "done" for now. Basecoats on hair and leathers.


-Halloween entry: more highlights, glazing, and highlights.


-Veronica Blaze: more GS work on her...her thin neck is going to continue frustrating me.


-Candy: Highlights and shadows done on half her clothes. Just have to finish the other half of her clothes and the freehanding.


Still no change on Sophie, Ambercane, Exchange mini, Goroloth, Shadow Dragon, or Cave Troll Diorama.

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Hm, well, I'm a little behind in posting, but I went into this month with certain plans, and here's what I've accomplished so far.... italics indicate pieces incomplete.


House Steiner / Lyran Commonwealth / Third Lyran Guard:











Enforcer III

Shadow Hawk




House Kurita / Draconis Combine / Seventh Sword of Light:













Saladin hovertank (x2)


House Davion / Federated Suns / Seventh Crucis Lancers








Random Pirate/Merc Force






Clan Jade Falcon / Rho Galaxy








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  • 02681: Tolzar, Cleric
  • Jolie, Scribe

  • Old mini from the hubby's collection

  • 03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler


Spent literally the whole day painting Astrid, well, finishing her up. She's finally done!! I stayed up way too late lol, I'll post pics tomorrow!

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