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"Local" Painting Contest

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I am hosting a Painting Contest at my FLGS, Hobbit Hobbies in Fayetteville NC.


If you are around join in. Here are the details:



-Must be a reaper miniature: any line is eligible

-Must be Painted, and or modeled solely by the entrant

-Painters name may not be visible on the figure, numbers will be given and will be judged anonymously

-You may enter more than one figure

-Must be delivered and presented in person

-Figures will not be accepted after 12 noon.

-No theme is necessary



I will be judging with an assistant.

Judging will be based solely on the painting, bases will not be judges, so it is not necessary to base the figures. Judging will be done onsite beginning at 12:15.



Models will be judged in five catagories for a total of 27 points


-Overall Apperance 10 points

IE color selection, flow of miniature, etc


-Neatness/Brush Control 5 points

IE colors where they belong, neat, and clean


- Blending 5 points

IE How smoothly the colors transition


-Shading 5 points

IE color depth, and intensity


-Extra Detail 2 points

IE free handing, neat inclusions, modifications, theme



Prizes will be awarded to all participants.

Special trophies will be awarded for the first through third place, as well as the following prizes:

1st Special Edition Halloween Figure

2nd Sophie in a Cat Costume (#1416)

3rd Elise the Witch (#2869)


All participants will receive a familiar from packs #2870 or #2983


Get Painting and come on down!

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