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Battle Rep: Dwarves vs. Reven

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Qwyksilver and I got together today for some warlord. We tried the Rising Tensions scenario, as originally posted. No counting points, tracks, base sizes... just straight number of models on the bases.


My list:


Ursula, Durthen, 3 Bear Riders

Freya, Margara, 4 Warriors, 4 Halberdiers

Gargram, Halberdier, 2 Piercers


Earth Elemental


His list:


Varaug and a bunch of bull orcs

Narg and a bunch of bull orcs

He had a mix of warriors, berserkers, and hunters. He had some elites in there too.. Ombur I believe, and the 'zerker hero.



I actually had him on initiative. It was weird for me to have initiative, as I typically say screw it to initiative and go for rock solid troops and just a few of them. I deployed Ursula's troop to rush up and take the right objective, and he deployed Varaug to oppose. Freya took the middle with Narg opposing. Gargram was set to take the left objective with no opposition. Qwyk figured that spreading out for all three objectives wasn't wise and that he'd rather hold two solidly, so he gave up that left flank for the whole game.


First turn I won initiative and rushed the bears to the right objective and Gargram's troop to the left objective. Narg managed to take and hold the center objective and Freya's troop closed in on it and prepared to beat the life out of the bull orcs. Ombur Burst of Speed-ed much of Varaug's troop and they hit the Bears hard, but the bears fought back just as hard.


To summarize the rest of the game without getting into too much boring detail, the Bears proved to be very resilient and pushed back strongly. The right flank was basically a stalemate until turn three, but since the bears held the objective I was earning points for it the whole game. The center saw the Dwarves uproot the Reven and quickly take control of that objective - reach is wonderful for focusing power, and the Griffon swooped into Qwyk's backfield and he had to peal some orcs off the line to deal with that threat. Gargram's troop quickly established themselves on the left and began trading shots with orcs and advancing in towards the center.


I think we called the game after turn 4? Based on scenario points it was a landslide, and even without the scenario I had beat the snot out of the Reven. We decided to call it early and get on to our second game, a 1500 kill em all game.



I think I held on to my earth elemental too long... could have brought it up earlier and have had more impact. Margara had a rough game, I forgot to have her cast firestorm on Narg's troop which was lame on my part, then an ogre stepped on her. She managed to kill it, but it still stunk!


Here are some pictures:


This one shows where we stand at the end of turn 3 (my first picture because I forgot my camera and had to ask my wife to stop by on her way out to do errands!). As you can see, the Griffon has drawn off some orcs, Gargram's Halberdier and Piercer are holding the left flank, Freya's troop is mopping up at the center flank, and Varaug is moments away from finishing of Ursula and Durthen (played by Echidnox!! you can barely make him out, he's on the black base).



And here we have the state of the battle as it was finished, during or after turn 4. At this point we were sure of the outcome and wanted to get on to the next battle. Gargram's troop is fanning out towards the middle, Freya's troop has finished Narg's forces, and Varaug feels pretty lonely over there with just Ombur and one other bull orc.




Good game! I have pictures but limited time, so those will come later.

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Jim made some extremely critical Tough checks in that first game that kept me smashing my head against the Bears for two turns longer than they should have. Even on their last track, I had to commit enough forces to ensure hits so I couldn't split off and focus on the center where I just got slaughtered with Defensive Strikes, and a pair of pesky Piercers.


A big turning point in the center would have been Gurm racing in and taking out Margara before she got any spells off, but he failed to survive her point blank spell, and couldn't defensive strike her and Freya into oblivion. So Margie was still hanging around to drop some AOE pain on my bull orcs centered on the middle objective. Once you cracked that nut, the dwarves were able to just chew through my low DV.


I also completely ignored both my Warlord SA and Doctrine SA for the entire battle, which certainly didn't help me hang around.


I remembered them for the second battle, and that certainly made a difference.


I must say though, Varaug with Bonesplitter dishing out 9 points of damage attacking thanks to Mighty Cleaving, with Support and a Totem was pretty brutal. :zombie:


I need to get more games under my belt, and find my missing box of Reven so I can build more flexible troops.



I really wish we had time to finish the 1500 game. It was really close! But we had to end after turn 3 because if I didn't get home, I would be in the doghouse. Stoopid leaf peepers caused a ton of traffic so I showed up 20 minutes late :grr:

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I didn't really build my 1000 point army for a scenario, I just used a similar build to what I have played in the past. It helped to let me gauge some of the changes since I really haven't played much of this version. I pretty much planned to not so much take and hold objectives, but to try and kill Jim outright :devil: And well, that worked out beautifully.


I think if I played again, I would have brought less Zerkers and Hunters, and added in some Ogres, and maybe look at the gnoll archers instead of the Bull Orcs.


Or course, have to find the box with all of them too. Moving sucks when you know there is a box with a couple hundred worth of new metal sitting in it, and you can't find it.

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I definitely agree that the construction of the armies aided my win here. The bears were there specifically because they were fast and tough. I knew I could rush them at an objective and park them there and that they would hand out a world of hurt to whomever tried to go after them.


Also the Griffon was kindof a wildcard (when ISN'T it a wildcard?) that I could have camped an objective with, or swooped in to kill something. In the end, he had a Totem of Battle so I threatened that with the Griffon in order to draw off some of this soldiers. The Griffon sometimes gets alot of grief for going down hard, but I've had good experienced with it. I think the trick is to use it to harass the edge of the enemy army, where they can't focus on it too much. Archers are a problem with that strategy, but what can you do?


It was also to my advantage that he only had two troops and couldn't spread to the third objective. Which is amusing because often I'm the guy with a low troop count!

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