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My October '09 exchange mini(s)


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So here's the plan. I'm going to paint up two minis for the mini exchange I am participating in. When I am done I am going to ask people to vote on which one I should send. Whichever wins (or whichever one my exchangee picks if they vote) gets sent. Thought it might be a fun way to get folks involved :)


Right now, just getting these guys ready for priming. Glued their respective arms on after putting pins in them. Made their bases and put them on it. Gave them a milliput wash. Ready to be primed.


The two figures are:


03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin


03311: Rhainie, Rogue



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Yes, I seriously need to put up new WIP pics. They will be finished soon, I promise! :)


So do we vote once they are finished or before, just on the basis of the bare figs? Enquiring minds ...


Once they're done. I will have WIP pics by the weekend so that you can comment/make suggestions on them. Hopefully, then I can finish them by the end of next week...

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OK, so I use the term "weekend" kind of loosely...


Without further ado, here's my works in progress:



03364: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin:






I went with greens and browns in this one. Note I also decided to remove the arm so I could reach the back of the shield better. Should have left it off to begin with...


She's coming along OK, I see I need to tweak the back of the cloak some more though. It doesn't look quite that badly blended in person :blush:


03311: Rhainie, Rogue:




As you can see, she's a little further along than Isabeau. The lighting in the picture isn't the greatest, I'll have to remember to bring out more lamps for the next pictures...


So, any comments, questions, anyone have one they like a lot better than the other, etc...

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Just fixed your lighting issue a little to help:






I think for WIP, they are coming along pretty nicely. I might try to make sure that Isabeau's hair doesnt end up the same color as her leather but nice job on her eyes. I know from personal experience that her left eye is kinda tough to get to.


On Rhainie, I might suggest going a little darker tones on the base. The sharp reds and blacks of the model get kinda blanded out with that flat sandy tan base.

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Look'n good!


Did you use spray on primer?


Yes. I live in a climate where I can mostly get away with it and I don't like brush on primer.


It doesn't look grainy like that IRL, I wonder if it's a compression issue with the JPEG.


Also, the color of Isabeau's hair will be much different than it appears right now... I like Mahogany Brown as a base for my red hair (though I want to get my hands on the red hair triad and try that out too!)


Rhainie's base will be a lot darker than it is now... I am actually planning on working down from light to dark on the base...

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