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Paladin Prince


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Hi, this mini is an older one from Mage Knight. I painted him up color scheme wise like a blood elf from World of Warcraft, giving nmm technique more practice, and also added some freehand gems to him. Hope you like him!






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Thanks everyone! For the sword, I painted a coat of white (also primed white) and then did several washes of GW Scorpion Green following a loose pattern of keeping the paint darkest where it would be closest to the light source, (similar to gem painting). Then a did a few washes of GW Green Ink, again following the light to dark plan, but trying to keep some of the lighter green showing through. Following this, I did highlighting with white on some of the small high spots and edges, and also with only a little paint on brush, did a few areas with faint streaks of white, to make it look like light was bouncing a bit.

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