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Bard Figure


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This is an old figure that my husband has had for a very long time. He's starting up his Epic D&D Campaign on Friday and wanted her painted for a "bard-type" figure.


The color scheme was chosen by him, sadly the highlights aren't showing up too well on the photos because of how dark the picture is. The shadows were a mix of the base blue with scaly green, it had a beautiful effect! This is the first figure I ever put eye shadow on. Her eyes were literally slits, so I wanted to bring them out as much as I could. Sadly, amongst the highlights on the dress, the same went with her hair as well. Ah well.. I really like how she came out and she looks amazing in person! I'm proud of this one :)


Comments and Crits welcome and appreciated!!



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I can't get the theme song from 'Wonder Woman' out of my head.......

The boots evoke a 70s funky bass line.

Seriously, though, great paint job. Love the eye shadow.


Thanks!! I had the same problem while painting her, lol!! That song was constantly going through my head :)

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