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hope everything turns for the better for her & yourself.


Seriously thought about pre-ordering, but my Beast book shipped Friday + gotta pay my 'net bill this week (which reminds me............) so maybe later in the month I can go after DA:O!!!

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The wife is doing the same. They had one reason for doing the MRI and it turned out to not exist, but the MRI did turn up something else - a fistula that they think is the root of the health problems she's had over the past 3+ years. Nobody had ever spotted it before and they think it could have been there all the way back to the late-90's when these issues first occured (they've been off and on - mostly off - since then, but the past 2 years has been really bad). Naturally we need a different kind of surgeon to remove the thing, so they ended up scrapping everything, sending us home around 5pm and now we have to schedule a new surgery for later in the month. If they're (finally) right this time though, it could be the last surgery, so yay.


As for DA, I installed it when we got home, purchased the $7 DLC and downloaded it and all of the other free stuff (including my items from DA Journeys) after dinner, and played for about 5 hours after the family went to bed. Had a blast! Better yet, haven't had a single glitch either. No patches, no problems getting the DLC, cranked all of the video settings up to High, and let her rip. I played thru the Human Noble origin and then through the first area until you complete the Joining and become a Gray Warden. I'm torn between playing on or creating another character and playing a different origin tonight. I'll probably end up doing another origin. Both of the elf origins sound cool and there are a decent number of different types of characters I'd like to try out.


At least in my head, here's the characters I've got planned out:


Alric, noble human warrior - this is my current character, he's focusing on sword and board fighting style, but I might add some 2-handed talents so he can use a maul against heavily armored foes.

Conn, Dalish elf warrior - dual weapons and bows

Silver, noble human mage - thinking of taking the war mage specialization since my original Silver was a Fighter/Wizard in my first Baldur's Gate party. ::):

???, city elf rogue - want to try a Ranger specialization and this would let me play the city elf story. Plus there are a ton of locked chests in the early game and I was going nuts last night not having a rogue to unlock them! :lol:


I only have 2 complaints about the game so far. Neither of them deal-breakers.


First, not every monster you kill has loot for you to pick up. You have to mouse over each one to see if you can loot them (or hold Shift and the loot-able ones will light up). That's not my issue. Its that sometimes a corpse won't have any loot on it, but then later on you'll walk past it and then it has loot. In the back of my mind I keep worrying that I've missed some awesome drop. lol


Second, your character doesn't have any spoken dialog. Even in the cut-scenes, everyone else talks, then when its your turn to say something you just pick an option from the dialog options and the conversation continues as if you had spoken. Your character did talk in Mass Effect, right? I miss that. I'm guessing that with so much spoken dialog already in the game that they had to cut disc space somewhere and your character's voice was where it happened. ::(:

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AMD Athlon X2 - 2.6 GHz


nVidia 9500GT (I've got dual cards, but they're not running in SLI mode)


And Window XP SP3 for my OS.


Its pretty much all right at or just above the recommended specs and I'm not having any issues running at 1400x960 with hi-textures, anti-aliasing, pretty much everything. I think that Bioware has always done a pretty good job of scaling their games to work on older hardware, so if you can meet the minimum requirements (http://dragonage.bioware.com/game/#1.05) you should be able to still have a great time. I know that when I played Knights of the Old Republic the first time I had to turn most of the graphics all the way down and do stuff like disable grass, but I still had a blast playing it.

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One thing I will say is that if you are at all inclined towards playing thieves, rangers, or fast/agile fighters (as opposed to big armored ones) use a Rogue as your primary character. They're the only class that can pick locks. The number of locked chests throughout the first few levels is maddening and I've rarely had a rogue NPC in my party so-far. And no, you can't bash chests like in NWN.


I'm still having a blast tho! After playing thru 4 of the 6 Origins stories I decided to stick with my original character for the first time through. He's just about level 6 now and I'm starting to hit the parts of the game where tactics are really becoming important. In one encounter I got my butts handed to me twice, then on the third try instead of rushing in I switched my two fighters over to their bows instead. Totally changed the outcome. In my last fight, I started entering a room and saw that it was filled with monsters, so I quickly rushed into a side hallway instead. The mobs followed me but they could only get thru the doorway 2 at a time and I could handle them a lot better. Then all of their archers bunched up so that they could shoot through the doorway and I blasted them with my mage's AOE spell.


I'm finding it a lot more effective to just turn my NPC's tactics options off and control them manually. Except for stuff like automatically using shield defense when getting attacked by ranged attacks, stuff like that.

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So what do you guys say, worth the $54.05 investment to go pick this up? I'm usually very stingy when it comes to singleplayer games, only one I've bought recently was Fallout 3, and that was only because I loved the originals so much.

I've been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night since I bought it. ::):


I fought my first dragon last night and just about giggled with glee. Of course it was a pretty small dragon and it wasn't possessed, but it still nearly kicked my butt. Half of my party was dead at the end of the fight and the other two only survived thanks to dubious amounts of healing potions.

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