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I never knew guys could get breast cancer


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Go for it! If one of the guys with big boobs hits you though while you are giving them an exam don't come crying to me! :poke:

I was actually thinking of comparing mine to yours, however, my wife said over my dead body. (Not hers, Mine)

Sheesh, that woman can't understand science. :rock:


Edit: I did try to assure her that at 32 she had quite a few more years before I trade her in on a younger model, and also pointed out that by that time you would be in the older model range yourself, however, it seemed to make things worse.


It's almost as bad as when I woke her up on her 31st birthday and said "Happy Birthday, 9 more years and I trade you in for two 20 year olds."

Her response?

"Hmph, you're not wired for 220."

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Of course guys can get breast cancer! Heck I've seen some guys out there with larger breasts than me. And I'm girl!!!!!!! :poke:





It's true. Just attend a typical gaming convention and you'll see it for yourself.


How to inspire a guy to hit the gym:


"Y'know... I could loan you a sports bra to keep those out of your way, but I don't think I've got one big enough."

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