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Demo Army Lists (500 pt.)

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I don't really think you need to show off each factions strengths, I.E. Elfin magic or Crusader healing or Necro Vampires, because all the factions are quite versatile, and no one plays them the same. I play a lot of Reven, and my build is never the same twice. Sometimes I take all goblins with lots of their cheap casters and range mixed in, other times I take the Warlord with big magic, sometimes its all beastriders. With my other Reven sometimes all archers(which is possible because gnolls and bull orcs can actually melee), or lots of magic, or an all lesser orc or bull ork list, ogres or a misfit list with gnolls, bugbears and beastmen. So, even if fluff kind of dictates something may be their strength in all honesty they are probably equally good at numerous things.


I think that is good advice. Maybe ill just show off the cool minis instead ::P: . I just ordered enough for two 500 pt armys of both crusader and reptus. I went with a warlord for each (gerald and khong-to), I figure might as well show off a big bad for each. one elite for each (nai-khanon and sir brannor) since I think painted they will look great. And a 9 pack of justicars and 6 pack of reptus warriors.


These were two of the three I wanted to check out and maybe play. The other was dwarfs. Maybe ill get them next month.



I just realized Sir Brannor is a captin, not an elite. ment to get a Finari, Well That was a Snafu.

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