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Ice Queen


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Hi ::): I just finished this Ice Queen. I like the sculpt alot, and with a wee bit of green stuff for the snowflake on her sword, I think she would be fun to try in different color schemes. I hope you like her! Comments and crits always welcome too! ::):









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Thanks very much for the compliments! For her base, I painted the undercoat white and added some blue ink washes in some areas (to shine through a bit). The 'ice shards' I glued over this are actually some larger plastic beads I had from way back when. The beads themselves were too big as they were, so I threw some in a plastic bag and smashed them up with a mallet, so I'd have a variety of shard shapes. I was a little disappointed that the shiny faceted characteristic of the broken beads was dulled a bit from the matte sealant, so I'm thinking of going back in with some gloss varnish on the base a bit. I agree the hair was a bit awkward texture wise, I think I had started this back a ways (putting too thick a layer previously). And I probably should have done more of a gradient on the hair so the highlight white would be more easily apparent. Ah well ;) for the next one!

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