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02737, Bilgetreacle the Dung Monster


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Wow, nice disgusting effect! I like it, and wouldn't have thought to go green with him either, though it works, especially with the browns worked in the way you've done them.


BTW, MC -- Can you talk a little bit about the base, please? Specifically about the foliage? What is that?

Seconded. Is it Woodland Scenics stuff? Hard to say for sure... I would also be interested in hearing about the hair you added; it's wonderfully coarse and bristly(sp?)! - What is it, how did you attach it, and how could you possibly have come up with an idea that could make this guy look even more vile (in a good way, rest assured) than he already did?





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Sorry, but I’ve been having that foliage for years and I don’t have the brand label no more. I’m pretty sure it’s not a Woodland Scenics product.


As for the hair, I simply glued some Woodland Scenics Field Grass to the mini and painted it black with brown points. I wanted to try this for a long time now and I think this mini was just fine for a first try.


Thanks to everyone for all the comments.

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