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Reaper 03098: Astrid, Female Chronicler by Werner Klocke


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This mini was painted for my husband's D&D campaign. I love Klocke's figures and really enjoyed painting her. Sadly, I couldn't get a good enough close up of her face, which I'm quite proud of. I'll still mess with it to see if I can get a better pic.


This is the first time I have tried NMM which I used on the hilt of the sword. It was a bit deformed, so I had to make due. I'm quite happy with it as a start and hope to get better with it in time.


I hope that the highlights, etc., can be seen easily. I've been looking at the fig way to long to be able to tell in the pics :) I actually retook them today as the ones I took of her last night were no good for me. I spent the whole day painting her (2-12 pm) and finished up some minor details tonight along with smoothing the blend on the back of her guitar.


Enjoy! Comments and Crits welcome and appreciated :)



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Thanks, John and Jim! I really appreciate that :)


JimL: as for the base, I bought that pre-made from my local gaming store. Sadly I haven't the package it came in anymore, but I can go find out where it's from for you :) It was a pack of "wood floor" bases and has a few different versions of a "wood" floor in it. All I did was paint it :) They come unpainted.

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