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The Eye of Talgamesh

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Greetings. I just slapped this adventure arc together and figured I'd share it for the purposes of feedback and/or letting others use it if they so desired.


I've set this in the Eberron setting but it would be easy enough to put it in any other setting simply by swapping place names. I only gave a passing nod to what's in Eberron anyways.


The preamble:

In ages past when Giants ruled the continent of Xen'drick to the south, a famous storm giant wizard by th name of Talgamesh created several unique and powerful weather-related spells. It is known that Talgamesh recorded his best spells in a spellshard (crystal hunk that functions just like a 20 page spellbook, for those without the Eberron campaign guide) which he named the Eye of Talgamesh. With the collapse of the giant society, however, the whereabouts of Talgamesh's home, and presumably the Eye, was lost. Recently, however, a scholar from Morgrave University (basically a college made up of Indiana Jones types) found information that he believes will lead him to the Eye. He has posted the following bulletin in all of the appropriate places in Sharn:


TO: Adventurers interested in Braving the wilds of Xen'drick, Seeking ancient treasure, and Furthering the cause of knowledge and science

FROM: Dr. I. Daniel Klausen, prof. at Morgrave University,Dalannan Tower level 89 Room 9b, University District of Upper Menthis, Sharn

TASK: Accompany Dr. I. Daniel Klausen in his search for the legendary Eye of Talgamesh

PROVIDED: Transport, Food, and Letter of Marque (required in Eberron to legally sell items procured in Xen'drick)

TERMS: Upon return to Sharn with the Eye and Dr. Klausen, 600gp paid, plus first choice of 50% of all other treasure discovered and Right of First Refusal on the rest of the treasure (which means you'll need to give out roughly double treasure)

DURATION: est. 3 months

Interested parties to inquire at above address


The adventure is divided into 6 general portions. Some of these portions can be smooshed together into a single session, especially towards the end.


1) Travel from Sharn to Stormreach - the boat is attacked by several waves of Locathah's as it navigates the treacherous approaches to Xen'drick

2) Set out from Stormreach in search of Talgamesh's home - Dr. Klauson has a map, but you'll need your Ranger to do some survival checks. Combats include dangerous critters (tiny vipers, baboons, a wolf, giant fire beetles.

3) Discover Talgamesh's home - Outside the home the terrain is composed of various bushes and pillars. The party encounters a group of goblins on patrol. Inside, the home is very tall (Talgamesh himself was about 20 feet high) with broad doorways. The exact layout of the home is unimportant, but I put in a large foyer with 4 rooms coming off the foyer. Plenty of rubble and a few large chunks of stones to give some tactical flavor to the area. A second wave of goblins is inside, heard you skirmishing with the golbins outside, and lays in ambush. A third wave of goblins has been foraging and upon return sees the bodies of their comrades and enters the home looking for a fight. Each wave is its own encounter since the PC's are 1st level and squishy. Two of the rooms have the goblin's treasure.

4) Discover/Search Talgamesh's Vault - a third room requires some skill checks to discover a secret door with a lever to open it. Descend some stairs and enter a long passage made up of 4 20'x20' sections, all in a line. In the first portion is a 1,000 lb boulder that the party must roll onto a pressure plate. Doing so will raise large metal bars and lower the magical field augmenting the bars (the field sputters and sparks since it's very old). The next portion has two very large levers at head level for the party members. Both must be thrown at the same time to raise the next set of bars. The third portion has a pulley in the ceiling with a great chain strung through it, which passes through holes in the floor (not the sort of hole you could fall into). The party must drag the right-most section of chain downwards, probably by having the whole party climb the chain (DC15) to get enough weight to move the heavy chain, which will raise the third and final set of large bars. Finally they are into the Vault. More climbing to get onto the shelves in the vault (set at 10' and 20' off the ground) where there is loot galore and, of course, the Eye of Talgamesh.

5) Return to Stormreach - the party runs into a Drow patrol (use Elf stats so you can have more than 1 opponent), and some more woodland encounters (monstrous centipedes, monkeys...)

6) Return to Sharn, get paid, and go shopping!



NPC's -

Dr. I. Daniel Klausen. A post-middle-aged man, very bookish, Bald, and Moody. He's very eager to claim the eye and somewhat unconscious of the dangers in Xen'drick

Dillon Blake. Klauson's Hireling. He has a large mole on his left cheek which he rubs when he's nervous, and he often repeats "Momma told me I shudda stayed at home."






So, there you go. Plenty of room to insert your own character into it. Last time I ran a campaign I pre-planned tons of dialogue and event details, forgot to do half of it and screwed up most of the rest. Ended up winging most of the content, so this time around I figure I'll wing it from the get-go.


All I really need to do is have a name for the ship captain, I suppose, and perhaps a roleplaying situation in Stormreach, but I'm not sure how that would really affect the search for the Eye.


As it's a 1st level adventure I tried to make it very much straight forward. Nothing very complex as far as puzzles or traps go...


What do you think?

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