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The Battle for Ohio

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The campaign has been on hold for a couple weeks due to the holiday. The Reptus player is quitely building up his horde and biding his time. As strong as he is right now nobody is willing to mess with him. Shoot, I sent him a peace offering and I'm clear across the board from him! Of course, I once said the same thing about those flea bitten, no good, dirty hounddogs.

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My gaming group has decided to scrap our Battle for Ohio campaign. We were really enjoying it, but certain parts had gotten out of hand. Rather than play out something that wasn't working quite right, we are going to start over. I'm calling the first run a "Successful Failure". We learned a lot and the next round should be a whole lot better. Another thing that I realized we need to improve on is keeping track of the story and posting regular reports here. Once we start back up, I'll start a new thread and try hard to do a better job reporting the campaign turns.

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