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Please use this thread to post links to photos of your armies, individual models, or troops. In order to be friendly to those that are still on dial up or slow connections, please do not imbed the picture itself.


This is a Warlord forum, so please, let's keep the links to Warlord models, or figures you are proxying for use in Warlord.


Try to keep one post per user, so things don't get too cluttered, and if possible, a brief description of the link, so people looking for inspiration know what they are about to see. If you want to add future links, just edit your existing post.


I will move posts with pictures to Show Off where they belong.

I will merge multiple posts from the same user.

Remember board rules still apply, so linking to your eBay auction or soliciting sales is not allowed.


Let's keep the comments to the Show Off forum, and use this as a resource for people wanting to see what some painted Warlord looks like.


And if someone else painted some awesome model for you, please give the painter their due credit for their hard work.


I might even post one or two. Some day :lol:

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First! laugh.gif


Here's a few things I shot tonight, mostly because this was being discussed earlier today.


The Reptus of Shakandara (painted mostly by Elaine Garner, with a smattering of Darron LaFleur & Richard Radcliff)

The basic theme for this army is all the Reptus models are blue with orange details, the flyers are orange with blue details, the trolls are varying shades of green, and the snakes and turtles are all based on real-world patterns (red-bellied kingsnake, copperhead, emerald tree boa, radiated tortoise, etc.).


Kristianna's Royal Brigade and Ironraven's Reserves (mostly by Erin Warfield, with a handful by Elaine Garner, Chris Wilbur, and some eBay minis)

Kristianna's group is the army's standard colors, but much of it is still off being painted. Ironraven's Reserves help me fill out the list for demos and such. The old picture of Kristianna's unit is here.


The Autumnal Protectorate (painted by Michelle Farnsworth, Elaine Garner, Erin Warfield, and the fine folks at paintedfigs.com)

I waffled between Winter and Fall for my elves (I knew I did NOT want standard "green"), ultimately settling on Autumn. I am happy that I did; however, with the new Thembrithil faction due out in Savage North, I will end up with some winter elves after all. biggrin.gif You can see the Centaursare slightly muted in coloration compared to the rest of my Elves, and have some snow on their bases. This is intended to help them tie together my coming Tembrithil faction and the Elves, as the Centaurs can be used in both factions. My faeries and hunting cats will receive the same treatment. Also, the old picture for the Protectorate is here. My, how they've grown!


The House of Maxwell (painted by Chris Nelson, Ris Nelson, Shannon Stiltz, Darron LaFleur, and some eBay figures)

The crimson knights are another eBay acquisition, and while the bulk of this army will use the black and yellow theme present in the other models, I am happy with them as is. The barren dirt and dead grass bases have become the common thread for the army, and I like how it works. Oh, and "House of Maxwell"? Cuz our opponents are always... good to the last drop. zombie13.gif


The Southgate Dwarves (painted by Erin Warfield and Darron LaFleur)

Red and black with silver metallics was my choice for this group, and they've all been based on resin "dungeon stone" bases from Back 2 Base-x, with the exception of the Griffon, which is mounted on a resin HA cavern floor cast. Sadly, this was painted just before the decision was made to move the Griffon to a 40mm base for WL2, so I'm pondering my options

Hope you enjoy them!



EDIT: Edited and updated with new pics.

Edited by Shakandara
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I guess I will get things started, with an example. And will add on more whever I actually finish something :lol:


Reven Battle Totem, Throne of Skulls.

Kitbashed. Sadly, I never got beyond adding the texture and primering this, although it still sees use on the table occasionally. I need to finish this.


And apparently hunting for a link of something I actually built/painted meant Vince had the time to post about 40 figures :lol:

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Well, Here are my painted forces.


Reptus. This all I have painted thus far, but there are a lot more to come.




Warning. This pic has a nude female model in it!!

Mercs. Not all of them are "legal" figs but we kind of use what we want around these parts. ::):



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Was directed here from the the "Painted army for Tournaments" thread... here is my Reptus army, cleverly disguised as Savage Lizardmen. I picked up a few more pieces since these were taken and the only non proxied figures will be the Dragon Turtle and the Raptors.


EDIT: technically 1/2 of the raptors will be proxied with Hunting Lizards...

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I've been going through my Necropolis army and decided to take a picture of it which you can see here.


The only proxys are the big skeleton swordsman unit at the back, they're mostly GW (I have so many of the skeletons despite never having played it, it's just the undead collector in me. Plus they are easy to modify.) mixed in with some other ranges. There's some Celtos skeletons in there and some from a range I can't even remember the name of. But I replaced all their shields with oval ones to give them consistancy.


I also gave the gargoyle a polearm instead, and I made a burrow base for my grave horror golem thing. And the banner pole was an objective marker.


I never got around to painting the crimson knights and I have a bunch more stuff either unassembled (like my chattel unit) or in other boxes being used for other things.

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