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Toxic Spirit


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This was one of a pair of Halloween contest entries this year. I was fortunate enough to win first place with this critter. He (it?) is an older sculpt from the late '90's in the Shadowrun line. Thanks to everyone for your insight and suggestions along the way. I was pleased with the eye and the base is probably my most elaborate to date. As always, comments and (especially) critiques most welcome. If you have any questions regarding technique or colors, let me know!



And if you have time to do a bit of voting: http://coolminiornot.com/235699

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The palette and style in this reminds me of some of the things in the first several books for 3e D&D; very cool. I love the eye, and that's a gorgeous base.


I think my one question is why is there such an abrupt change between his legs and torso? The "bark" on the legs and the green of the torso are both really nicely done, but I'm wanting more play between the two--right now it looks (to me) a little like a legless torso balanced on an oddly-shaped pair of logs.


I have to ask what those purples are; purple is the one RMS color I'm not really happy with. My Indigo triad is all right (though I don't need it often), but my plums are always chalky. Knowing what you did to make those antennae happen might solve both those problems.

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Prophet--thank you!


Scotty--thanks; the eyeball was painted VMC ivory, then (when I didn't like the brightness) covered with RMS Stained Ivory. The iris is RMS Dune Shadow with some very thin RMS Brown Liner around the edge and in the center. The light reflection is VMC Pure White. The blood shot part was done last and was RMS blood red I believe. I kept it very thin overall, but would go back in spots and paint squiggly lines to get some more arterial definition.


Sanael--yes, the sculpt is strange; I suppose I could have done some transitioning, but the sculpt is literally two treestump legs on a carapace like shell. I guess since it is an abomination of nature, it is hodge-podge. The purples were done with the RMS Dusky Grape/Faded Purple/? triad and highlighted with RMS Amethyst Purple. I stumbled across the Dusky Grape Triad because they were in my RCon '09 bag. I think they have been discontinued, which is a shame. I think they are a nice, more muted purple. The Amethyst Purple is a very nice lavender shade that gets that light purple without the chalkines of adding white to another purple. I think I did add just a hint of VMC Ivory thinned down considerably for the final highlight.


JimL--thank you! The water was done with a black undercoat, followed by RMS Olive Shadow and Olive Drab, which came out a more brownish green. Worn Olive takes it up to a more brownish yellow which I didn't like. The cat tails are made from brass pins and a bit of greenstuff. The heads were based with RMS Russett Brown (my new favorite brown) and highlighted with RMS Driftwood brown. The leaves were simple typing paper painted with the RMS Muddy Olive/Olive Green/Pale Olive and some RMS Yellowed Bone. There is an outstanding article over at Necrotales on various types of vegetation: http://www.necrotales.com/necroTutorials/t...se_plants01.php.


I hope this helps!

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