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NE Paint day?


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Hmm. I may be game. I will have to talk to SheWhoMustBeObeyed first. As I am currently underwater (there are some perks being the comms chief) this will have to wait a few weeks until I return to dry land. The fact that I will have been gone for 2 months by the time I get back may mean the she won't want to share. I would look at some time in Jan or Feb for my place. I do have a finished basement and plenty of space...or I did before we had 5 tons of wood pellets delivered. Still, the pile only gets smaller with time.


I'm jonesing for some paint time. I didn't bring anything this underway, not that I've had time. I've been making due by watching Laslo's painting video.


Anywho, Don't bother to wait on my return if you want to schedule the next paint day. Although based on past experience I may be back before anything is decided. <_<


Have fun and I'll be back on the boards when I return to port.

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