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Co-op Scenario

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Hanzo's Idea <-- Hanzo posted this in the CAV section and I thought it was a great idea, so I brought it over here to the Warlord forums.



I think the only things I'd change to make it into a Warlord scenario is give the players a base of sorts. 4 walls, with a big open door in each wall (say 1'x1' base, with 4 inch doors centered on each wall. If you want to go crazy, add a watchtower in each corner or something. Beyond that, a rock-strewn battlefield tickles my imagination but a torn up city would fit the bill as well. Or a swampy environment. Suit yourself.


The idea is to survive 5 rounds against all odds.


For each 500 points that players control (could be 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, etc. Combine the total of each fighting company), place 20 tokens throughout the battlefield - 40 tokens for 1,000 points. Place them at random locations, some close and some farther away from the base.


Place one card in the initiative deck to represent your zombie hordes/spiders/critters that try to kill you. Each time that card comes up, spawn a fresh set of bad guys, one per token. Use the Bondslave datacard. Use whatever minis you have on hand. Each turn the bad guys can be arbitrarily sorted into troops of no more than 10 models which get to activate at once. These troops do not need to remain the same from turn to turn. On a troop's activation, it will always do the following:

-Charge in fastest path towards the nearest Player controlled model.

-IF the charge was successful, it will conduct a Fight action

-IF the charge action was UNsuccessful, it will conduct a move action to get closer. It will end just inside charge range if it can make it that close. It will not advance any closer so as to leave room for others that can make it into b2b. (obviously this calls for some estimation. Play it cool.


Deploy inside your base. Or if you're crazy, dispense with the whole base concept and just plop your fighting companies somewhere in the middle of nowhere and pray that their life insurance policies have been signed.



Alternate Spawn rules: 5 tokens per 500 points the Players use, use Gakalath's stats, and keep going for 5 turns.

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