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Me vs USPS


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recent mini ordering for me, I've had 1 screw up with the USPS & it was the substitute lazy driver's fault.


I ordered some minis online & I know they are reliable, pretty much order Monday & you'll get 3 days from when you place your order. Also my normal driver knows me & knows I order allot in the mail, so he knows to leave a package behind the screen door or what not. So I placed my order & it was sent, but nothing, figured eh, probably was shipped a different way or maybe the mail was just slow. Well after almost a week's worth of waiting I decided to call my local PS & low & behold I had a package up there waiting for me to claim (the peach colored ticket you sign & give back). I told them I didn't have that ticket nor did I ever receive one. So after getting off the phone I head down there & claim my package. Sure enough it was my mini order & was delivered on the day it was suppose to come.


Found out it was a sub driver & he was a problem-maker for them. Sounded like he didn't even stick one of the claim ticket in my box, so after apologizing, they said they were gonna look into that driver, as they had other complaints about him, needless to say he probably doesn't drive/work for the PS anymore.


I guess if my PS had a problem it would be, I don't get my mail till around 3 to 4 in the afternoon, ha ha. Wish it was earlier like 10 am or so, but what can you do I guess.



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Our residential USPS service is excellent, we've lived here since April and have not had any issues. They always leave a slip in our mailbox if the package won't fit and we usually sign it and tell them to leave the package at the back door, no problems yet! Now UPS in our neighborhood is something else. He walks half way up the driveway and throws the package at our front door. While home on maternity leave, with my car right in the driveway and windows open, he didn't even knock, just THUD against the front door and he was on his way.


At work we will get a lot of returns during tax season (our busiest mailing time) because of incorrect postage amounts, but the package is usually marked as such. We also send a lot of Certified with Return Receipt.

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Boy, I wish my mail carrier would take care of the junk mail for me! What a waste of time/effort/paper/everything. At least the town offers free recycling still.


I recently ordered some books that were delivered USPS and the only hitch was that the driver left the books balancing on top of the mail box! Granted it's a low (read: nearly non-existent) crime area, but still! Any Joe could just walk by with his dog and snatch it up and who'd be the wiser? Also granted, my house is off the road a bit, up a hill and behind a bunch of trees. Hardly an efficient drop.


On the other hand, I've been trying to get a replacement part from Privateer for about 2 months now. Either they're not shipping it as they say they are, or it's getting lost in transit. But it seems odd to me that three attempts have resulted in no delivery... I never write letters or anything but I may actually write one when I finally find out where the problem lies. Not sure what service they use so it may not even be USPS.

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I'd bet they're using Fedex or UPS, especially if you're rural. USPS drivers tend to have a set route for a lot longer than Fedex/UPS drivers do - and unlike UPS/Fedex drivers, usually go to each home on their route every day - or at least by it, so they typically know where' they're delivering to.


Many Fedex/UPS drivers, OTOH, give up at the first hint of difficulties. I can't tell you how many times I've had packages reported by their drivers as NSN - No Such Number - simply because they were lazy or unfamiliar with the area. This just recently happened to me during a business trip to San Antonio - the UPS driver failed to deliver the package to my location and marked it NSN, despite the fact that he had delivered a package to the place across the street and the address was 100% correct.


My sister lives in the mountains, and she hates their Fedex driver - he doesn't like driving up their driveway, so he'll often mark it "no one home" rather than deliver it - even though she's been home. She has no issues with the UPS driver OTOH.

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Over the years, I've had a couple of run-ins with overstressed or flaky mail carriers. One claimed my pregnant wife tried to beat her up. The other became upset over cars parking in front of my mailbox. The problem is that the houses on my street are very close together, and there is room for 1 car to park in front of each house. Guess where the mailbox has to go? The funny thing about it was about half the time it *wasn't my vehicle*, it was a neighbor's. I mentioned to the PO that parking on the street wasn't illegal, and asked if perhaps they would rather I block a neighbor's mailbox instead, and if so, which one, please?


Even through those silly things the mail still kept coming, so overall USPS has been reliable for me.

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anyone else have problems with USPS?

My last few places have been really good and my current USPS guy is decent (he has neglected to pickup some outgoing mail a couple of times, but I can deal with that), although they have this odd policy of making 2 deliveries for my route (I'm about 2 blocks from the PO) and the big packages go out later in the day with a different guy. When I lived in Macedon however, well, I swear they will find bags of mail stacked in the guy's attic some day. The service was horrible, I lost tons of mail when I lived there...


After busting my UPS guy for not stopping one day, he is now pretty good.


My FedEx guys (both Ground and Express - different companies, BTW) are pieces of work though. The Ground guy is a complete jerk, he will only stop in the morning (when my store is closed) and when I make appointments to meet him there he is always late. The other day I was sitting at the front counter and he walked up, pounded twice on the door, and took out his "you weren't here" sticker without even looking inside. I found the sticker outside later, torn up and thrown on the ground - already filled out. He wasn't planning on making my delivery at all (yes, he had to go back to the truck to get my boxes).


The Express guy? Well, his only crime was leaving about $2,000 (wholesale) of Magic cards with random neighbors (prior to their official release to top it off). While they happened to be my tenants, leaving that much money with them was not a good idea at all (in fact I recently evicted them if that tells you anything).


Now UPS in our neighborhood is something else. He walks half way up the driveway and throws the package at our front door.

I think I saw a video of your guy on teh intrawebs once...


ok, so... embarrassing confession....


I fail at mailing, and mailed the dumb thing to myself.... yea I FAIL

Mind if I ask your hair color? :devil:::P:

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