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Sandcasting Foam Terrain

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Again, no slight against the OP. The technique here looks pretty cool and is well executed. Just wondering if the same short lifespan is a factor/fear here? Any word on how this stuff handles once painted, etc?


No slight taken at all. So far it holds up great. I made the first pieces over a year ago. My boys even used one piece in their sand box for 6 months. I dusted it off last month and spray painted it and it looks the same as it did the day I made it.



I take it the foam does not adhere during curing to the wax paper? If that's the case, you can line the sand mold with wax paper to get smoother sides...potentially a way of making square or round building-like terrain. As another tack, have you tried sanding or otherwise removing the adhered sand?


The foam does not stick too tightly to waxed paper. I haven't tried any other mold than coarse sand (it's what I have and wanted so far). I would assume that any mold you make could be coated in parafin as a release agent. If you wanted to try this with a building, I'd have each wall be a separate section so you could peel it away from the foam, as the foam does stick slightly to the wax.

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While I have not made any terrain with this stuff, it is very durable. As in nigh on indestructible.


I used to live in an old farm house with stacked field stone as part of the foundation, in a winterizing effort I spent 6 hours crawling under the house and used about 10 cans filling in the gaps from the inside. I simply carved off the excess that expanded tot he outside, painted over it and its still solid today. That was close to 8 years ago and I live in Kentucky, which gets just about every type of weather in the world.


So I would imagine that if compressed properly, (adding the weights on top of the board) these would last a very long time. That's probably why the ones from that company fell apart, they just sprayed the stuff in the mold and didn't compress it.


But, I am for sure going to give this a go, looks super easy and very fun.

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