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beauties:) (got better pics:)


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Here are the last bit I have completed recently. Most are a bit better than tabletop quality.


First we have Olivia, she is the P-65 version. I didn't notice a difference between her and the other minis I have. Her base is made from miliput. I like this figure and may have to make one for myself. She is going to a craft fair.




Next up is Anjanis. She had Horrid mold lines.... She is also destined for the fair. The camera batteries were dying, So the photo is fair.



Then we have Callindra. I really like this model as well and have one of my own to paint when I get around to my Sisters. Her stump is also miliput





And finally the tiny fairy holding a book from the familiar pack. Although, this one came with Valandil... I know the base needs finishing but the camera was out. She is going to be the familiar for anyone in my crusaders faction who has access to Arcane, as the spell book is that and the spell on the page is Bolt:)

Very tiny little bugger....





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Thanks guys:)

The colors used were: Reaper Masters series unless noted

Clotted Red, with Bloodstain Red and Violet Liner for Shadows and highlighted with a mix of Bright Skin and Clotted Red


The Cream was Based off a Yellowed Bone, and taken up with White


The green was Camoflague Green


And I think the Blues were the Weathered blue triad.. I forgot to write it down.

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I'm with the rest, Olivia is my favorite.

She's done very cleanly and all the parts stand out nicely. Excellent color choices and a nice base to boot.


Callindra suffers from the photo angles and lighting I think. She's much more complicated and the lighting makes the atmosphere around the mini look very hazy, so she's harder to see (for me).


I think all the mini's could benefit from pushing in with the camera, a then some cropping, to help highlight the mini more.



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