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More new stuff!


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Well first off, here is the display piece. Rhainie the rogue. I love this mini except for the buckles on her arms. The next time I paint her I'm going to shave the buckles and other bulcky stuff off and give her nice lithe little arms.






But I hope y'all like her. I had to do a display piece to keep my sanity with all of the tabletop stuff I've been painting recently!


And then here's the tabletop stuff!












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They all look super, I really like the red jump suits, I wish I could paint red like that. I'm not sure I like the last sculpt, the sword is just too big, even for a fantasy weapon, but that's not your fault, the painting is flawless. The display piece is really beautiful, I love the way the pink and blue go together. The only thing I don't like is the cupped edge on the water.

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Rhainie is sweet!

As always, hair is perfect, base work very cool!

My only quibble might be that the skin tone looks very close to the pink of the jacket. I almost missed the cleavage (and that would have been a shame). I'm guessing that might be due to the photograph?

What's that little blue curly-que coming out of the water near her left foot?

Off to vote!


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Hey Guys,


glad you like em. One of my pictures was removed because it has some nudity. I thought censoring would be ok but it wasn't. So here's the link anew:


Akanke Harem Guard


I'm glad y'all like Rhainie. She was fun to do. I had to cut her short though. I could have kept working on her but I couldn't afford any more time.


The water is clear resin--envirotex lite. I mixed in just a very little bit of hawk turquoise for the color.


The curly-que is a ring on a plank of wood.


The hair was a base coat of bubonic brown with a thin glaze of snakebite leather and then add some linen white to the bubonic until you are satisfied.


The flesh and the jacket colors are similar in base but very different in end result. The color for the jacket is half of the base color for the skin. But the skin is significantly lighter. No matter how i took this picture, the angle or what color background I put behind her some part of her was not coming out right in the picture. I figured the skin being somewhat off wasn't a big deal as the rest of her is pretty accurate.


@Maltique--noted. Next one I do. I promise!!!! Hold me to it. Send me pestering messages once a week to remind me. Between school and commission jobs my brain is mush. I probably won't get to it before the semester is out but just keep reminding me ;o) Any requests for mini you'd like to see painted with it?

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I request WIP on that water base!


great stuff


I am currently working on a water base tutorial to post on here. Hopefully I can post it next week, assuming I can get the minis painted to go on it. I cast the base last night and it needs 3 days to dry completely.


Just wanted to let you know.

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