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First mini painted


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Here is my first completed mini. I am painting with CF and Americana Acrylic paint. I discovered that I am an awfully slow painter!


I'm trying to work on thinning my paints more on my second mini since I don't really like the "finish" of the paint.


I'm also having a hard time with very small details but I guess practice makes better!


No need to comment on the quality of the picture, I know it's bad!


Thanks for looking.



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Great start! Good clean lines and solid color. This is what you want. In time you'll learn all of the crazy spicing it up techniques.


As for speed that comes with practice. It is a matter of developing muscle memory. After awhile you'll knock out figures in hours instead of days.


I look forward to seeing more. BTW don't hesitate to ask question we all are quite eager to share our knowledge.

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I think you did a really nice job, good color choice and nice details.


My only advise would be to always try to complete the mini you start. It’s sometime hard to be inspired by some mini but completing your minis will make you practice and improve your techniques. You can always come back to an uncompleted mini to try some new techniques like highlighting and wash.


Congratulation on this first one and continue to have fun painting time.

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I started out with a ton o craft paints myself... well, the second time I started out. First time was testor's enamels... After a while you'll want to upgrade your paints as you'll find that the craft paints do eventually put up a fight vs. achieving a smooth & thin finish. Lower pigment density and all that.


However, that's a good clean first mini. Small details do take time to get the hang of and a good brush tip.

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