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Is Christmas coming too early?

Amalor Myrnnyx

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The Wisconsin State Journal ran an interesting editorial piece about Christmas comes earlier each year. Every year, it seems, we are buried under an avalanche of holiday advertising, music, and store displays earlier and earlier, to the extent of asking why do we just leave the Christmas stuff year-round? Among the reasons given by the writer was the promotion of the "spirit of good will" that comes over people during this time, and how refreshing it is to see people thinking of others instead of themselves.


On the paper's website, one reader posted an opinion that holds very close to mine. That letter is reposted below, with permission from the author.


Tell me what you think? Are we overdoing it? Is it a good thing? Let's hear some thoughts.




Reposted from madison.com with permission of BeckFastPaws:


If it truely were the "season of good cheer" that we keep hearing sung about, the time of year when everyone thinks of their fellow human beings, I would probably enjoy Christmas a lot more.


Instead, we see scenarios like Black Friday, where people come to blows trying to get that one item that's been advertised. We see people get trampled to death by people fighting to get to the item they want before it's grabbed up by someone else. We see those same people be unconcerned that someone died. They just want their deal.


Then we have the annual toy wars, where children are knocked down by parents trying to get that popular toy for their own child. Or worse, adults pulling toys right out of children's hands in the store, and the store's staff being ordered by their employer not to interfere (a sale's a sale, right?)


I think back a few years ago, on a particularly warm Christmas Eve, I stopped in Shopko to pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers, and because I wasn't wearing a coat, another woman thought I worked there, and started rudely demanding that I get something for her. When I tried to tell her that I didn't work there, she whacked me over the head with a roll of wrapping paper! The police didn't even understand why I didn't want to press charges. I told them that it wasn't right to deprive children of their mother, however ignorant she was, on Christmas. (she had toys in her cart)


Another time, I watched a man at East Towne order a combo meal from McDonalds for a homeless guy who was sitting in the food court. He asked the manager to take the food to him, and not say who it came from. I was beeming, until the woman next to me said to him, "why do you want to cater to useless homeless people?" I could have slapped her.


By the way, his response to her was a smile and the words, "season of good cheer."


It is refreshing to see people like that guy, but also incredibly rare. Too often, people are consumed with selfishness, hostility, and the thought of getting the perfect gift for someone, instead of why they are buying that gift. Until people remember what "season of good cheer" means, leave me out of it.

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so true so so true here in metro Detroit the radio stations started cramming Christmas music down our throats barely a week after Halloween and we were seeing ads for Christmas sales in September

people are forgetting what Christmas is about



Lucky! Here they started the Christmas stocking, advertising and stuff on the first day of July. :huh:

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The hobby/craft stores have the Christmas stuff out before/with the Halloween and fall items. Of course they give way more space to the Christmas stuff.


In their defense these are for people who are supposed to be making things, which therefore requires lead time. But all the trees and ornaments and fiddly decorative bits? It's a bit .. much.


Not to mention that I then get VERY distracted by all the shiny and lose track of time. Luckily I am quite capable of keeping track of my wallet.

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I read a regular columnist during the football season on ESPN's page 2 portion of their website by the name of Gregg Easterbrook. His column is called "Tuesday Morning Quarterback", and while a good portion of the column is devoted to football, he also touches on a number of other subjects in it, including a regular feature about Christmas Creep. Here's an entry from August that talks about reader submitted reports of Christmas-related items from late July and early August (scroll down to the Boss Button picture for the relevant text).


Christmas, it's sooner than you think... ;)



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