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02043, 02102 & 02157 Zombies & Tombstone


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Yes, a tombstone recipe please! I especially like the shorter, wider one.


And - just 'cause I'd expected it to have happened already - don't let anyone tell you their clothes shouldn't be so bright after rotting away so much underground - I think the striking yellow/orange/purple/blue clothing really suits the slight cartooniness of the sculpts you chose.


Fantastic job on these; seriously great stuff.



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Well, first of all a big thanks for all your comments and encouragements.


The techniques I used for the tombstones are simple. After a grey drybrush was done over the black basecoat I did a light brown wash on some areas. You can see it at the bottom of the larger tombstone back. Then, I did some tapping (give some small repetitive tap with the tip of the brush) with green paint to create that lichen effect.


The trick with tapping is not to cover all the surface, but only some zones to create a vapours effect.


I also did some light purple wash over the skin on the neck of the zombies. I like this technique as it is easy to do and I think it give some depth to the main colors.


Thanks for your comment Kang, I definitely wanted the cloths colors to pup out. I’m happy you also enjoy it.

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