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03082 Ingrid Sparklestone as a redhead


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When I was attending last month's ArtistCon -- and for the following week -- ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon let me stay in the guest room at their house. By way of thanks, I offerred to paint something for them. They asked me for "something that I had also sculpted", so I decided to revisit my cute little gnome, Ingrid Sparklestone. My first version of her was the gray-on-gray svirfneblin (deep gnome) that you've been able to see in the Reaper Gallery for a couple of years. This time, I brought her up to the surface, painted her as a redhead (like ReaperShannon herself) with a green outfit, and sculpted a couple of chipmunks on her base to keep her company. Here is the result:




Hope you like her!



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Always inspirational to see your work.


The slight rosey tone on her nose gives her a lovely cherubic feel to play of some of her more "sexy" features (lips, eyes).


A question I've been meaning to ask you about your bases, do you use the pre-formed static grass clumps or the tried and true dab of glue, dab of grass method?


thanks for showing!


pez :zombie:

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Fantastic job! The painting is really wonderful, great face, and I love the base work! The chipmunks are awesome! I'm totally picturing a dungeon version with cave dwelling companions! Maybe a few cute mining hats... some shiny jewels... makes me want to reread The Rats of Nimh! ::D: Great stuff!

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