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03365: Argonnite, elf cleric and 65028: Blacktongue, gnoll ranger


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I finished these a while ago, and now that I've figured out how to not freak out my camera's photosensor (and finished up the gnoll's base) I thought I'd post some pics. C&C most welcome; these guys haven't been clearcoated yet (it's rainy here, and will be until April or so) so I still have a chance to fix the paint.


First is Argonnite, elf cleric. I did a WIP thread here, and mooched outrageously off of Jabberwocky, Darius, and TaleSpinner for advice -- particularly with the shaded armour. Would you look at the size of the mould line I missed on the inside of the cloak! Oh well.


post-5715-1259202249.jpg post-5715-1259202257.jpg


post-5715-1259202263.jpg post-5715-1259202269.jpg


Next is Blacktongue, gnoll ranger. I was really pleased with the last gnoll I painted, so I felt a bit of pressure to keep this guy up to the same standard (and using a similar colour scheme). I think he needs a bit more red around the upper front of his torso, but otherwise I like the way he worked out. The bowstring is a nice touch, which it damn well better be because it was a pain in the butt to glue on and paint around!


post-5715-1259202573.jpg post-5715-1259202583.jpg


post-5715-1259202590.jpg post-5715-1259202599.jpg


The base looks plain ol' grey in these photos, which is a shame; I washed the cracks with black, then brought up the cobblestones in blue/grey (cloudy grey + snow shadow) all the way up to white in some places. Alas.

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The elf is my favorite of the two, the shading on the green is nice and the gems are excellent, I can't ever get mine to turn out and usually avoid painting them. I like the bow on the gnoll best, the added bowstring really makes a difference. The fur, IMHO, could use just a tad bit more highlighting.



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Thanks for the post, and thanks for the link to the WIP thread.


Good to see a painted version of Argonnite. I like the color choices and I'm glad that you were able to paint the eyes without too much turmoil. The armor could use more darks (e.g. lining between the plates), but the overall shading and highlighting works nicely. You could take up the highlights on the face and hair some more -- more contrast there will help draw attention to them, since the shiny armor and the gems are stealing the show otherwise.


The gnoll is a good piece, too. The bowstring looks like just the right scale for such a burly bow. With those bold reds on his equipment, his head is getting lost; maybe some red for the gums -- or bloodstains on the muzzle -- would help the composition. Lightening the teeth would also help. And it might be the camera/lighting, but the leathers look very close to the color & value of the fur itself; you could take the leather darker (and lighter -- since leather is usually a high-contrast material) to help it stand out.



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