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Travel/airline question


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Oh yeah, a lot of the airlines have that graduated pricing - United and Frontier definitely do, as I've run across it before on both airlines. I frequently have to travel for business, and sometimes I take my wife with me. For billing/tax purposes, I have to buy our tickets seperately - on at least two occassions I can recall, I've bought one ticket, only to have the price of the second ticket jump by $20 to $50 only seconds later.


How busy a route during time and day of the week makes a difference, too. FREX, Friday night will typically be more expensive than Friday morning. To most places, Saturdays are one of the cheapest days to fly, particularly Sat night - if you can swing that into your travel plans. That doesn't necessarily apply to all destinations, though - I noticed Orlando didn't seem to make much of a difference what day/time you fly in/out and Las Vegas has much less difference based on day/time than some place like Salt Lake City does.


And don't forget to look for airports within a couple hours of the place you're actually travelling to - especially if you're already planning on renting a car. FREX, Oklahoma City is only three hours from Denton - I'd certainly consider that three hour drive if it saved me $100 and I had the time. Look at all the costs though - a rental car in Ok City might be more expensive than Dallas and cancel out any airfare savings. Or the airfare might be more expensive, but the rental car costs half as much, thus saving you money. But if you're crossing statelines, make sure the rental car company will allow that without charging extra.


There are a lot more tricks that I'm not aware of - one of the reasons it can sometimes pay to use an actual travel agent - especially if you're a member of an auto club like AAA.

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I just read these new rules on one of the news sites I visit:


The following changes in airline security were implemented after the bomb scare on the flight to Detroit:


* Pat downs of passengers at airport security, concentrating on the upper torso and legs


* Physical inspections of all carry-on bags at the gate


* Requiring all passengers to be seated for the full hour prior to arrival


* Banning the use of blankets and pillows one hour prior to arrival


* Hands must be in plain sight an hour prior to arrival


* No opening of overhead bins an hour prior to arrival


* Increased screening in airline security lines


* Passengers encouraged to arrive 3 hours early for international flights

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@ orcsoul: Just drive?


(Noting that your profile claims San Antonio as point of origin...)

1) What kind of a posh rental car could you get for SAT airport parking fees plus round-trip airfare $$$ to/from DFW ?


2) Lodging near Reaper: a wash, fly or drive?


3) Travel time:

----a) Fly, SAT to DFW: drive to airport 30min, Security fuss and bother 2hrs, Queued on ramp before take-off 1hr, Flight time for ~300 mile hop 30min, DFW holding pattern 15min, Queued/rolling on apron waiting for gate at DFW 15min, De-planing & waiting for luggage 15min, Securing ground transport (rental?) from airport 15min, drive/ride to Reaper 30min. Grand total: 5.5 hours

----b) Drive, vicinity of San Antonio to Corinth near Denton: 5-6 hours according to GoogleMaps, depending on traffic and your exact point of departure, I-35 most of the way.


4) Other considerations: If you drive you won't pay extra baggage fees, you'll miss out on the "kindly attentions from and delightful personal interactions with" TSA's finest and you'll have all this extra space in your rental car to bring back toys.


5) But flying is :upside: fun?

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I read in the paper at work, that the rules are really up the individual airliner, at least when your on the plane. Some flights they want you to show hands, no blankets, etc while others it's normal as usual.


Again sounds like the airlines are screwy as usual, ha ha

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