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What's your experience with the focus action?

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I honestly love the focus action. It helps missile troops and casters actually be effective. The real balancing act is deciding what you want. There have been plenty of times where I have foregone focusing in order to make a follow up charge on nearby missile troops. Focusing in melee really only helps if your stuck in with a nut that is tough to crack. OTOH if there is no possible way to get your Target Valve below 10 then don't focus.


Also Focus is only useful on your activation, and it does not carry over until your next activation. Therefore, setting up to receive a charge with a focused figure will not work. Focus is good just not that good.

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I imagine focus will also be helpful in scenarios that involve capturing and holding real estate. If you don't plan to leave your spot, you might as well take the bonus. Add in some Blesses and a Totem and you can really jack up your MAV for those times when you just gotta reach out and clue by four someone.


I know Jim tagged me with some bears doing this after they made their 2nd round of Tough checks so he could control a target area.

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DAAAH bears!



Yeah... those bears are good for holding an objective. Large base size means they can completely cover most objectives, high DV means they aren't going anywhere without a serious effort, and good MAV + focus + Savage means you WILL take a world of hurt trying to knock them off.


They're pretty much the end of the world.

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